WordUp! Pro Version Experience!

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WordUp! Pro Version Experience!

It’s been days I am using an app called WordUP. I’d like to share my experience here for the guys who have problem with remembering words!

This powerful app developed by two people, Peyman and Somayeh.

How it works?

In your first log in, it will ask you some words. You will select whether “I Know” or “I don’t know”. Then it estimates how many words you know and your level! At this moment, this app has 25,000 words. each level has 1000 words, so it has 25 levels. You go to each level and select the words you don’t know. Then it will teach you!

Review page contains the words you don’t know. click on learn to see the amazing part of this app.

How you will learn?

By quotations, movies, news and songs.

The word CANNY is in level 15. First You learn meanings.

This section contains more than meanings! For some words, it shows phrasal verbs, idioms and other informative things!

You can see the examples in this three images! It really covers all aspects of the word! You won’t miss MEANING!

What else?

This app also has some movies, games and categorical options!

More things are here!

Pro version!

Currently I am using this lovely app for more than six months. The user experience is awesome. In pro version, you can use more songs, movies and quotes! Further, no ads will bother you anymore! In Explore section, you can learn vocab by category which is a convenient way to focus on your loved topics.

After a using it for a week, you will be addicted to use it in daily basis!!


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