My Volunteer Experience in Hospital: Six-month COVID-19 fight!

I share my academic life!

My Volunteer Experience in Hospital: Six-month COVID-19 fight!

Everything started from late April 2020 when I entered Imam Khomeini Hospital of Ardabil city to build up a pioneering machine learning approach to diagnose COVID-19 from CT-Scan.

The idea of creating a ML4H is strongly pursued by my colleagues around the world. Developing such tool could lead to quick and accurate diagnosing method. Fortunately, my system reflected in social medial really well. For example, the news had been published in Ministry of Science, Research and Technology website.

Beyond reception counter! You may work 6-hours straight without drinking, eating, and fresh air!

After completing that program, I stayed at Hospital to help people in IMAGING section. َI was admitting new patients for this ward and put bracelet onto their wrists. The important task of time scheduling for each patient with considering our radiologist was part of my work.

Doctors and nurses in hospitals are main part of COVID-19 fighting army! besides them, other people work in hospital too! from device supplier to janitors. The work really hard in an indoor environment with masks and disposable gloves.

Around the hospital, in the wards, I came across with extremely helpful devices. I’d like to draw your attention to tools that Biomedical Engineers make to fascinate medical procedure.

Defibrillator, Oxygen capsule, Nebulizer, ECG are most common handy tools in hospital. We should add ventilators to this list too due to the Respiratory nature of it.

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