TeTrA: Jump to speech controlled VR env

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TeTrA: Jump to speech controlled VR env

It was one of my dreams that someday there will be games controlled via brain, speech, and body movements! However, I’ve seen Kinect which helps you to control the game via your body. I also have developed BCI-based games (you can see previous blog posts). What I didn’t see was a speech controlled VR game :))) Thus, I tried to give myself a chance to build something! Following, is a windows-based non-vr version of my test game as a “speech-controlled” game!

You can download it HERE

Right now it can understand whatever you say, but it only follows this orders:
1. Show me dreamy night
2. Show me day
3. show me some clouds OR add clouds
4. Add extra clouds
5. Add some flowers
6. Add more flowers
7. Show me some trees!
8. EXIT OR QUIT ::: hahahaha

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