Open-BCI: First touch

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Open-BCI: First touch

Our brand new OPEN-BCI system has been recived. Now I’m writing about “How it feels” 🙂

OpenBCI specializes in creating low-cost, high-quality biosensing hardware for brain computer interfacing. Our arduino compatible biosensing boards provide high resolution imaging and recording of EMG, ECG, and EEG signals. Our devices have been used by researchers, makers, and hobbyists in over 60+ countries as brain computer interfaces to power machines and map brain activity. OpenBCI headsets, boards, sensors and electrodes allow anyone interested in biosensing and neurofeedback to purchase high quality equipment at affordable prices.

I think they are good at this! their software and hardware are completely integrated! You know what’s the most exciting thing? you can modify them by yourself! you can print headset in 3 sizes! 

we began our study with large size, but it was so big!!!! and we couldn’t set Cz and F1 F3 electrodes properly. 

Open-BCI uses dry electrodes which are easy-to-use than gel electrodes. It has acceptable impedance. 

One import thing that you should really consider is noise!! sometimes it has noisy signals! But overall, I think it’s worth it. One of competitors is Mind-wave! I personally think Open-BCI bit them all and nailed it! because it’s open and easy to use! you access to raw signal without any paying!

We’ll print small sizes of headset with our 3D printer ^__^

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