New Publication: Medical Image Enhancement and Deblurring

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New Publication: Medical Image Enhancement and Deblurring

In NUSYS’19 conference, I published another paper which was about enhancing medical images and deblurring them.

Abstract. One of the most common image artifacts is blurring. Blind methods have been developed to restore a clear image from blurred input. In this paper, we introduce a new method which optimizes previous works and adapted with medical images. Optimized non-linear anisotropic diffusion was used to reduce noise by choosing constants correctly. After de-noising, edge sharpening is done using shock filters. A novel enhanced method called Coherence-Enhancing shock filters helped us to have strong sharpened edges. To obtain a blur kernel, we used the coarse-to-fine method. In the last step, we used spatial prior before restoring the unblurred image. Experiments with images show that combining these methods may outperform previous image restoration techniques in order to obtain reliable accuracy.

Keywords: Medical Images, Blind Deconvolution, Deburring.

In this figure shown that the blurred image is a result of convolution between sharp image and Blur kernel plus some noises which can have significant effect on image.

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This paper will be published in LNEE’19 and IEEE webite.

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