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I share my academic life!

Graph Neural Networks- Architectures review!

Graph Neural Networks offer an efficient and accurate answers to problems which can be represented as a graph. This way of solution have high potential to get accurate prediction on models in comparison to other types of neural networks! Here I will discuss types of GNN like GCN, GraphSAGA, DeepWalk. The ChebNet will be discussed…
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A GUI for DIY Syringe pump

we’ve tried to build a syringe pump, in the last semester of our undergraduate programmer. “Medical devices” course provided useful information about general equipment of hospital units. We have determined to build syringe pump with available tools like Arduino! The 3-member groups was formed. Since COVID-19 crisis, our group split up, So I decided to…
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An Online Automatic Corona Diagnose System Based on Chest X-ray Images

This is a detailed paper for my online COVID-19 diagnosis system. Abstract. An outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 shocked healthcare systems around the world. It began in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, and spread out in over 120 countries in less than three months. Imaging technologies helped in COVID-19 fast and reliable diagnosis. CT-Scan and X-ray imaging…
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Online COVID-19 detector based on CXR

It would be an honor to introduce this system which is available IN THIS LINK.

New Publication: Medical Image Enhancement and Deblurring

In NUSYS’19 conference, I published another paper which was about enhancing medical images and deblurring them.

New Publication: An Automatic Driver Assistant based on Intention Detecting Using EEG Signal

Recently, I published results of my research in NUSYS’19 conference. This research was about a driver assistant system.

Neural Networks- Review

in every day of your life in these years, there is big things happening in Artificial intelligence realm. NN is subset of AI and we want to talk about that. There is a video which can help you to see Neural Networks better. YOU CAN WATCH IT HERE There is some quotes: Artificial Intelligence is…
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Wearable ECG- Implementation

In this project, I tried to launch AD8232 for recording electrocardiograph So, What you need to build this device: Installation:First of all, you should have AD8232’s datasheet and read it. After that, you can use it very efficiently. Here is the image after installing things together: Now it’s time to place electrodes on the body…
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الکترومایوگرافی|مقدمه ای بر مهندسی پزشکی

این ترم درس مقدمه ای بر مهندسی پزشکی رو داشتیم که شامل مباحث زیادیه . یکی از مباحث اون مربوط به سیگنال های بیولوژیکیه یکی از این سیگنال ها emg هستش که از عضلات ضبط میشه. من توی پروژه ای ، مداری برای گرفتن این سیگنال ها رو پیدا کردم . همچنین توی داده هایی…
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Medical Imaging Methods

توی این فایل روش های تصویر برداری پزشکی رو جمع آوری کردم. و به نوعی میخواستم مزایا و معایبشون رو باهم مقایسه کنم میتونید از اینجا دانلود کنید