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I share my academic life!

New Preprint: How Adversarial attacks affect Deep Neural Networks Detecting COVID-19?

After developing an online COVID-19 diagnosing system, I was interested in drawbacks of Machine Learning in Healthcare. One of the biggest issues are vulnerability of these models. In this preprint, I looked into effectiveness of these models on COVID-19 Xray image classifiers. ResNet-18, ResNet-50, Wide ResNet-16-8 (WRN-16-8), VGG-19, and Inception v3 were implemented and tested…
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New Publication: Medical Image Enhancement and Deblurring

In NUSYS’19 conference, I published another paper which was about enhancing medical images and deblurring them.

New Publication: An Automatic Driver Assistant based on Intention Detecting Using EEG Signal

Recently, I published results of my research in NUSYS’19 conference. This research was about a driver assistant system.

Genomic signal processing- An introduction

After Biophysics class, I was so interested in biomolecules programming. After some googling, I found a paper and I want to share some quotes. This is where you can see this paper: Here is some notes from that: Genomic information is digital in a very real sense; it is represented in the form of sequences…
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ماهنامه بیوتک| شهریور 1396 |سرطان و میدان های الکتریکی

این ماه مجله بیوتک هم منتشر شد که یکی از مقالتش بعنوان “سرطان و میدانهای الکتریکی ” رو من نوشتم.(که اولین مقالم بود 🙂 ) . این مقاله در مورد آشنایی با یکی از روش های  افزایش طول عمر مبتلایان به نوع خاصی از سرطان در قسمت سر هست. میتونید از این لینک دانلودش کنید/