BCIGameJam’21! MuSAE Games :) A Winner!

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BCIGameJam’21! MuSAE Games :) A Winner!

We (Marilia, Olivier and Reza!) participated in this year’s online jam to build a brain controlled game! Our game won as Overall Winner (1st place!), Popular vote (Other Devs), Best SSVEP Game. I invite you to read our story here:

You can download the game from my github.
Our collaborative turn based game where players collect diamonds in an ancient Aztecs mine.
To move around, you will need to click on the flickering blocks to move and take advantage of the specific power of each diamond:


Increase Hit Points

Make avatar fly

Increase movement range

But be careful of the ancient gods that are passing by! Players need to avoid monsters to keep their health!

The monster is a real threat to you!

To win, your team should collect all the diamonds on the map. Also the differences when you get a specific kind of diamond are shown visually too (Check the screenshot).”

If one of the players of your team loses all of hers/his HP, your team should start playing again!

Size of the map, number of players, monsters, diamonds and other parameters can be configured in the source code. 

Key features:

  • Can be played 1-player to multiplayer!
  • Cooperative theme
  • Can be completely adjusted (Number of diamonds, blocks, monsters, speed of players, …) [re-playable]
  • Random map each time you press Start! [You will not get tired of the map!, freshness]
  • Easy-to-play and easy-to-use! (only requires a mouse)
  • Shiny graphics aligned with an intriguing sound to play more!
  • Providing fun and entertaining animations (jumping, monsters, …)