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I share my academic life!

Coping with life after migration :)

It’s been almost five months that I moved to Montreal as an international student. I’d like to share interesting aspects of migration, society of Montreal and also suggestions about dealing with emotions after immigration. Migration is a big deal in every person’s lifespan! Undoubtedly, If you were born in a middle eastern country, migration is…
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New Preprint: How Adversarial attacks affect Deep Neural Networks Detecting COVID-19?

After developing an online COVID-19 diagnosing system, I was interested in drawbacks of Machine Learning in Healthcare. One of the biggest issues are vulnerability of these models. In this preprint, I looked into effectiveness of these models on COVID-19 Xray image classifiers. ResNet-18, ResNet-50, Wide ResNet-16-8 (WRN-16-8), VGG-19, and Inception v3 were implemented and tested…
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WordUp! After 50 days Pro Experience

It’s been days I am using an app called WordUP. I’d like to share my experience here for the guys who have problem with remembering words! This powerful app developed by two people, Peyman and Somayeh. How it works? In your first log in, it will ask you some words. You will select whether “I…
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VR based Rehabilitation platform for Dementia

As you know, I’m developing a virtual reality (VR) environment for people who suffer from dementia. I uploaded the first build of this game for people who are curious and want to develop it more. you can download it from here. DOWNLOAD This version doesn’t include VR controllers so you can easily move around with…
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Graph Neural Networks- Architectures review!

Graph Neural Networks offer an efficient and accurate answers to problems which can be represented as a graph. This way of solution have high potential to get accurate prediction on models in comparison to other types of neural networks! Here I will discuss types of GNN like GCN, GraphSAGA, DeepWalk. The ChebNet will be discussed…
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A GUI for DIY Syringe pump

we’ve tried to build a syringe pump, in the last semester of our undergraduate programmer. “Medical devices” course provided useful information about general equipment of hospital units. We have determined to build syringe pump with available tools like Arduino! The 3-member groups was formed. Since COVID-19 crisis, our group split up, So I decided to…
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An Online Automatic Corona Diagnose System Based on Chest X-ray Images

This is a detailed paper for my online COVID-19 diagnosis system. Abstract. An outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 shocked healthcare systems around the world. It began in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, and spread out in over 120 countries in less than three months. Imaging technologies helped in COVID-19 fast and reliable diagnosis. CT-Scan and X-ray imaging…
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Online COVID-19 detector based on CXR

It would be an honor to introduce this system which is available IN THIS LINK.

Biological Signal Processing: ML Approach- E01: Breast Cancer Detection

I prepared a tutorial for analyzing biomedical signals like EEG, ECG and biological datasets. In this tutorial we use PYTHON and MATLAB. In the first episode of this series, we will write an simple program to analyze breast cancer factors in patients and detect these type of cancer. دوره آموزشی تحلیل سیگنال های حیاتی با…
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COVID-19 Detection with ML and CXR | تشخیص کرونا توسط یادگیری ماشین و CXR

زمانیکه شروع به ساخت این برنامه کردم بحران تعداد کیت داشتیمبا توجه به علائم کیفی مانند تب و سرفه و غیره نمیتوان بطور قطع گفت که فرد مبتلا به این بیماریست یا خیر … بنابر مقاله های جدید منتشر شده در دو هفته اخیر متوجه شدم که اسکن ریه میتونه خیلی واضح توی روند تشخیص…
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