A GUI for DIY Syringe pump

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A GUI for DIY Syringe pump

we’ve tried to build a syringe pump, in the last semester of our undergraduate programmer. “Medical devices” course provided useful information about general equipment of hospital units.

We have determined to build syringe pump with available tools like Arduino! The 3-member groups was formed. Since COVID-19 crisis, our group split up, So I decided to upload my part of job which is creating a GUI to control Arduino. I deleted port controlling codes to avoid error in runtime.

The developed GUI is shown in this image. we have 2 main states! injection and withdrawing the volume inside syringe.

In second part, you are able to determine the desired volume of fluid with choosing suitable index (mL or uL)

In the third section you have the ability to choose the speed of injection/withdrawal with four different states!
At the last part, you’ll choose kind of the syringe you have.

For example, I choose 1000 mL of fluid to inject with20 ml/min speed with a metal syringe. The numbers and determinations passed on Arduino to lunch servo motors in order to move syringe!

The GUI is written in PYTHON-3 which is available on GITHUB.

from tkinter import *
import tkinter.messagebox
from tkinter import filedialog

def gett():
    if selected.get()==0:
        str1='Injection '
        str1='Withdraw '
    str2=str1+"of "+ E1.get()
    if volumeindex.get()==0:
        str3=" mL "
        str3=" uL "
    str4=str2 + str3    
    str5=str4+"with "+ E2.get()
    if speed.get()==0:
        str6=" ml/min"
    elif speed.get()==1:
        str6=" ml/hr"
    elif speed.get()==2:
        str6=" uL/min"
        str6=" uL/hr"        
    str7=str5+str6+ " speed"
    if typeGlass.get()==0:
        str8=" metal"
    elif typeGlass.get()==1:
        str8=" glass"
        str8=" plastic"   
    str9= str7+" in" + str8+" syring"
    tkinter.messagebox.showinfo("Conditions!", str9)

win = Tk()
win.title("Syring Pump GUI")

L1 = Label(win, text="Mode:", fg="black")
L1.grid(column=0, row=0)

selected = IntVar()
rad1 = Radiobutton(win,text='Injection', value=0, variable=selected,bg="#0080FF", fg="black")
rad1.grid(column=1, row=0)

rad2 = Radiobutton(win,text='Withdraw', value=1, variable=selected,bg="#0080FF", fg="black")
rad2.grid(column=2, row=0,padx=10, pady=20)

volume = IntVar()
L2 = Label(win, text="Enter Volume:", fg="black")
L2.grid(column=0, row=1)

E1 = Entry(win, textvariable=volume)
E1.grid(column=2, row=1)

volumeindex = IntVar()
rad3 = Radiobutton(win,text='ml', value=0, variable=volumeindex,bg="#0080FF", fg="black")
rad3.grid(column=1, row=2)

rad4 = Radiobutton(win,text='uL', value=1, variable=volumeindex,bg="#0080FF", fg="black")
rad4.grid(column=2, row=2,padx=10, pady=20)

L4 = Label(win, text="Enter speed:", fg="black")
L4.grid(column=0, row=3)

E2 = Entry(win)
E2.grid(column=2, row=3)

speed = IntVar()

rad5 = Radiobutton(win,text='ml/min', value=0, variable=speed,bg="#0080FF", fg="black")
rad5.grid(column=1, row=4)

rad6 = Radiobutton(win,text='ml/hr', value=1, variable=speed,bg="#0080FF", fg="black")
rad6.grid(column=2, row=4)

rad7 = Radiobutton(win,text='ul/min', value=2, variable=speed,bg="#0080FF", fg="black")
rad7.grid(column=1, row=5)

rad8 = Radiobutton(win,text='ul/hr', value=3, variable=speed,bg="#0080FF", fg="black")
rad8.grid(column=2, row=5,padx=1, pady=20)


L6 = Label(win, text="Syring structure:", fg="black")
L6.grid(column=0, row=6)
typeGlass = IntVar()

rad9 = Radiobutton(win,text='metal', value=0, variable=typeGlass,bg="#0080FF", fg="black")
rad9.grid(column=1, row=6)

rad10 = Radiobutton(win,text='glass', value=1, variable=typeGlass,bg="#0080FF", fg="black")
rad10.grid(column=2, row=6)

rad11 = Radiobutton(win,text='plastic', value=2, variable=typeGlass,bg="#0080FF", fg="black")
rad11.grid(column=3, row=6)

b1 = Button(win, text = 'Start',  command=gett)
b1.grid(column=1, row=7,padx=10, pady=20)

L9 = Label(win, text="Developed by Reza Amini", fg="black")
L9.grid(column=1, row=8)
L10 = Label(win, text="imreza.ir", fg="black")
L10.grid(column=1, row=9)


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